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  Wanna link to Saga? Who doesn't? Now you can do it in style with your choice of three Sagalicious linkbuttons. Of course, I won't complain if you decide to settle for a text link, but these are much more classy, eh?



  July 19, 2002 Yes, it's true. I thought it'd be better to announce it through the comic, since I'm doubtful as to how many of you read these announcements. (At the least I'm sure that there's no one who comes here just for the news.) Bonus points if you can figure out which comic I pulled each character from.

  June 24, 2002 Pending some out-of-townages and other possible delays, the schedule is now moving to Monday-Wednesday-Friday. The upside of that (yeah, it's a good thing, sort of) is that Saga will be in constant supply for quite awhile, despite my inability to actually upload any comics for awhile.

  June 12, 2002 Yeah, today's Saga is also a little late. I'm gonna stop worrying about "late" and instead just worry whether it gets there or not.

  June 10, 2002 I bet I know what you're wondering. Did I drop the comic or did I just fall off the face of the earth? Neither. I just lost FTP access for the last two weeks because my brother was screwing around with the firewall settings. (It could've been worse. No, really.) Anyway, we're back on track, so here we go.

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